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Kokum butter has many beneficial properties for the skin. It suits all skin types, whether oily, dry, combination, sensitive or aging. In addition, this highly nourishing ingredient is found in many skin care products for sensitive or acne-prone skin since its comedogenic rating is between zero and one, so it can be safely used on the face without clogging pores. Kokum butter is also significantly more lightweight than shea butter, and won't leave a heavy/greasy feeling on the skin.  


Avocado butter, Deep Moisturization: Avocado butter dives deep into the skin, ensuring lasting hydration and leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Rich in Nutrients: Leveraging the natural goodness of avocados, the butter is a source of beneficial nutrients that can aid in maintaining skin health.

Avocado and Kokum Body Butter

low in stock, order upon request
  • Indulge yourself in my luxurious whipped body butter, handcrafted in small batches by me using only the finest quality, 100% natural/pure/raw butters. My top tier ingredients and unique recipe will ensure an experience that leaves your skin feeling soft and free from heavy residue.  I take immense pride in my small business and I’m incredibly grateful for each and every one of my customers.  When you choose my body butter, you can expect nothing less than a product crafted with love, care, and attention to detail.

    Key Features:
    • Non-greasy formula with no heavy residue.
    • Free from parabens and phthalates.
    • Environmentally conscious

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