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Made in Marseille, France.

The authentic soap of Marseille is produced in a metal cauldron according to a saponification process. This perfumed Marseille soap in its famous cube format, manufactured by the La Licorne soap factory, provides you with an unparalleled sensory experience. The vegetable oil contained in this soap as well as its natural aromas will leave your skin incredibly soft, accompanied by a very appreciated delicate fragrance.

Marseille soaps are obtained from vegetable oils. The raw soap is then ground with granite rollers to give it finesse and softness. A mixer makes it possible to integrate the ingredients that go into the composition of our soaps, such as honey, essential oils, lavender seeds, or other noble products. Finally, the product obtained is poured into a plodder. The soaps are then manually stamped or molded. No preservative - No dye 

Authentic French Marseille large cube soap

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